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las ventanas pool

My husband and I took an amazing trip to Las Ventanas in Los Cabos, Mexico, for a few days last week. If you have never been there, it is worth putting on your list of places to visit someday. The Mexican-Mediterranean style resort is an incredibly beautiful place combining minimalist yet still warm architecture, with perfectly executed traditional interior decor, all set on the impossibly blue Sea of Cortez.

We've come to love the hotel, having celebrated our ten-year wedding anniversary there last year. This time, we were with a few other couples.  Once again, it was nirvana, from start to finish, beginning with the Las Ventanas signature welcome greeting: Upon entering the open-air palapa lobby, shimmering sea looming in the distance, the smiling hotel personnel approach, and you expect to be ushered to a desk to do what you are hoping will be a quick check-in, etc.  Instead, along with a warm hello, you are handed a delicious foamy margarita and escorted immediately to your insanely beautiful room. Five minutes after arriving, you are in your bathing suit, 100% on vacation.

Unlike trips that involve sightseeing, restaurant hopping, and shopping, this vacation had no itinerary. The one and only goal was to enjoy the sun, sand and sea, the company of friends and each other. We woke up early every morning and indulged in a big breakfast on our room's balcony (egg white omelet with veggies for me, Huevos Rancheros for John, along with fresh papaya and tropical fruit smoothies). Then we languished by the pool, took walks on the beach and bobbed in the temperate ocean--with some tacos and tequila shots in between. The staff is friendly and incredibly efficient, and the overall service is truly as good as I have ever had anywhere.

Needless to say, the trip was heaven, and we came away rejuvenated and reminded again of how important it is to get some quality alone time with your significant other (especially once kids are in the picture!) Here are some fun pics from our trip. I hope they inspire you to plan your next getaway!

las ventanas entranceThe striking hotel entrance.

las ventanas
The spell-binding view from the lobby.  Since there is no check-in desk, let alone a line to wait in, I am not sure this actually qualifies as a lobby per se, but I wish every hotel lobby could be (and work) like this.

Ready for the hotel pool.

las ventanas ocean view room
The balcony and view from our room. The spiral staircase leads to an upper deck, where we stargazed at night.

The grilled shrimp tacos, laced with chips and guacamole are weighing me down in my seat at the hotel's outdoor restaurant. The salsa fresca is so good (and healthy) I ate it by the spoonful.

las ventanas restaurant
It's cool and shady in the outdoor restaurant.

Me, frustrated, in my white jeans--because, as you may recall, I failed to bring more than one nice dress!

las ventanas cabo
Cool architecture.

Of course, I did manage to do some shopping! I bought these woven bracelets for $10 a pop, from a strolling beach-side vendor.


Diana said...

Those bracelets look so cool!!! I hope you had fun!

girl6_NYC said...

Beautiful resort! the white jeans look great.

Anonymous said...

Amazing my pal, love the hotel's entrance... that says it all... Brooke

Jill Roberts Freeman said...

We LOVE Las Ventanas too! I need that little bikini with the ruffle for France this summer. What is it?

Marlien Rentmeester said...

The suit is from Topshop (last year). It is adorable. This one has a similar girly spirit.

Anonymous said...

Brings back so many memories from our amazing honeymoon at Las Vantanas!

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