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Last summer when I was flying back from Italy to the States, I missed my connecting flight in Madrid and had to stay for an extra day. Of course, I was not that disappointed, except that the only clothes I had were the ones on me (because my checked luggage was stuck in the bowels of the airport). Thankfully, I was wearing these leather Jack Purcell Converse sneakers. They were perfect for a day of touring the Prado and flitting around the city and running back to the airport. Plus, because they're leather, they're polished, sleek and city-proof.  I'm planning on wearing them on this summer's adventures (to New York, Palm Beach, etc) and also on those non-stop-running-around-doing-a-million things schlubby days with...

1. Topshop sweatshirt, $48, 
2. Indego African bangles, $10, 
3. Mulberry Alexa bag lizard effect bag, $1904, 
4. Converse Jack Purcell leather sneakers, $60, 
5. Goldsign jeans, $90,

P.S. Yes, I have a converse addiction!

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