picture day

I love people watching. It might just be one of my most favorite things to do. I am happy to be the wallflower at a party and just observe. Lucky's FABB conference on Monday indulged me in some great rubbernecking. The bloggers who attended were DRESSED in neons, florals, prints, and more neons--and often all mixed together. You can check out many of them here. I decided to stick to a black and white palette (as you can see in the picture above with my good friend Elise, editor-in-chief at Beso, on the left). There was a parade of looks I coveted, but the one thing I wanted most was a nubby boucle blazer by Tucker, pictured below. This picture, which is from Tucker's website, does NOT do it justice, but jewelry designer Ariel Gorden, who wore it to the conference, mastered it, with a vibrant print blouse and a crisp pair of jeans. I've looked everywhere for this jacket to no avail (but in doing so I discovered that Tucker has some cute print tops as per usual as well as solid blouses this spring). Anyway, if anyone comes across the jacket, let me know. 


stacycakes said...

The blazer is amazing, but I LOVE your varsity jacket/sweater with the lace top and black skinnies. I need a sweater like that!

Anonymous said...

DO you know the store "Cabana" in Dallas? Owner Merry Vose stocked these earlier this season. I LOVED it, but the sleeves are very, very tight. You might call Merry at Cabana and see if she still has it.

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