the getaway dress


Sitting poolside at a nice hotel with a bunch of magazines and maybe even a margarita is my idea of heaven. When my husband and I went to a Mexican resort a couple of months ago, we did just that. It was so tranquil, you could literally hear a pin drop. The daily routine usually went like this: morning run, shower, breakfast, a little siesta under the poolside umbrella, then lunch time. It was around this time that I'd rouse from my chaise lounge to soak in the scene around the pool. I'd check out in a clandestine way what people were reading, and of course, scope out the fashion, too: the cover-ups to the sandals to the beach bags. Based on the ensembles, I'd figure out where people were from. Well, anyway, we are heading back to that Mexican Shangri-La in a few weeks and I imagine myself wearing this scarf print dress to the pool and then to the hotel's beach side cafe, and potentially even to dinner, too. Wear it with...

1. Max Studio scarf print dress, $118, 
2. Ecote suede pouch bag, $59, 
3. Selima for J. Crew sunglasses, $128, 
4. VC Signature buckle sandal, $175,

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