espadrille envy

I can just see it: me, walking down a random street in Soho, and another woman coming towards me from the opposite direction, wearing these espadrilles. I'll stop in my tracks to ogle her feet as she sashays by. I will wonder if Chanel still makes these shoes. I will also wonder (and worry) how much they cost. Turns out Chanel still has them in stock, and in various colorways, to boot (beige/black toe, green/black toe, blue/black toe, and white/black toe). They cost $395. Not bad. (My husband says that I always say that.) I don't believe you can get them anywhere online (you can phone order them from a Chanel boutique), but it also turns out that there are other less expensive but still very cute options, like these red and blue ones from Topshop for $24, and this chambray version from J. Crew for $36.

Photo: Song of Style


Anonymous said...

Oh, how do I want these shoes. .... But will happily wear the j.crew version. $395 for a pair of canvas espadrilles just seems so wrong. If I cold only use the same logic to resist chanel bags....

Love your blog!!!
XO Julie

Anonymous said...

i want these ones!!!!
samantha turner

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