the christian grey effect

It's been weeks since I finished the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, but somehow the book's main character Christian Grey still has a hold over me, evident perhaps in my attraction to this harness belt. Actually, truth be told, my desire to wear a belt like this first set in at a party a few months ago (pre-Christian) at Soho House. There was a television actress there, whose name I don't recall, but she was wearing one of these contraptions and she made it look positively stylish and, well, yes, seductive, too. I love how this nude leather Asos belt looks edgy and quasi-Grecian and sexy, too. I'm thinking it will do wonders for me and my flowy summer dresses as well.


Elizabeth said...

Hey - I actually got this belt from Asos and just couldn't walk out the house with it on. It was just TOO much, for some reason. I loved the peachy color, though. Make sure the dress doesn't have a waist seam because it never completely covers the seam...
love your blog!
xoxo -e (

Brooke said...

I feel the start of a trend! Fifty Shades of Fashion.

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