shopping my sister's closet


Sometimes when I feel like shopping I just head over to my sister's house instead--and mine her closet. Frequently there are new acquisitions to check out and always compelling old things to borrow. My last foray into her closet occurred this past Friday, and I came across a colorful embroidered skirt, pictured above, from Forever 21. ("It was the last one at the store," she shrugged, possibly explaining why she didn't pick up one for me.) It's absolutely adorable, kind of ethnic and/or vintage looking, so fun for summer, a day at the beach, or kicking around on the weekends, with sandy flip flops and a t-shirt. The next discovery was the ikat print blouse, below, also from Forever 21. She said she had already worn it with black lace pants, and the effect was Thakoon-chic. Lastly, she showed me the tan and black striped accordion pleated skirt. It's very languid, swishy and sheer, and a bit sporty too--so cute with a black sweater or a white tank. Of course, as soon as I went home, I went online and bought the very same items.



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L said...

These are all really cute!!

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