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I went shopping the other day with three friends at Heist in Venice Beach and one of them, a highly regarded fashion publicist, struck upon a woven Isabel Marant sweater. After admiring it for a minute or so, she remembered that she had seen a similar-ish sweater at Old Navy. Someone else in the store piped up, "Oh, yeah! I saw that sweater, too. It's cute." So, of course, I investigated, and my friends, it's true: it's way cute. Wear it with...

1. Old Navy woven sweater, $29,
2. Topshop denim jacket, $80,
3. Rebecca Minkoff studded clutch, $450,
4. Alexander Wang ankle-strap pump, $545,
5. Carven leather skirt, $630,

Postscript: I kind of imagine Christian Grey would want to see Anastasia Steele in this outfit. Anybody with me on this one? If you don't know what I am talking about, you need to buy this book. Like, now.  Seriously. (Don't worry about it being sold-out at the moment: just buy the electronic version of the book and, if you don't have a Kindle, download the free Kindle reading app for your Mac / iPad / PC.)

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