on the set with coco

Photography runs deep in my family. My dad Co Rentmeester was an award-winning Time/Life photojournalist and a successful commercial photographer (picture iconic Marlboro Man ads during the ‘80s). My older sister and my twin sister are also established photographers. As it happens, I style, help cast and produce a lot of photo shoots for Lucky, and my own home has served as a shoot location dozens of times. So, I am well versed in photo shoots, and for the most part (save the random snafus from bad weather to bad attitude), I enjoy being on them. Fashion shoots are as glamorous as they sound: there are trunks and trunks of next-season clothing and accessories, and seeing them is like getting a glimpse into the (retail) future. And then there is someone (frequently famous) to dress up, along with a whole cast of amazingly creative, well-traveled stylists and assistants, each with their own stories and visions to share.

A few weeks ago I accompanied my twin sister Coliena Rentmeester (a.k.a., Coco) on a British Glamour magazine fashion shoot in LA. And I wrote about it on Madewell's blog. Check it out it here.

P.S. I am on the right in the picture above.

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