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When I was in New York last week, I spotted this sleek leather clutch at All Saints in Soho and thought how much it reminded me of a Kelly Wearstler clutch I coveted a while ago. The metal clasp is inlaid with frosted shards of quartz. Gorgeous. Now I can't imagine an evening out without it! Wear it with...

1. Diane Von Furstenberg shell flower top*, $595, 
2. All Saints leather clutch, $130, 
3. Prada flame slingback sandals, $990, 
4. Color-blocked pleated skirt, $75,

*I first saw this embellished top--actually a press sample of this top--at Lucky's Rachel Bilson cover shoot a few months ago. It was hanging on the racks, among the five outfits selected for the cover. During the day I would go visit the top just to marvel at its detailing. It's seriously dreamy.

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