tassel sweater

$75, riverisland.com
Is it just me or does this sweater not have an Isabel Marant vibe? The tassels, the Native American detailing, the fringe on the sleeves... In any case, it looks like the kind of sweater some uber cool downtown-dwelling fashion-y type would wear ever so nonchalantly to go about her day. Wear it with...

1. River Island cardigan, $75, riverisland.com
2. Topshop tank, $56, topshop.com
3. Forever 21 embellished clutch, $26, forever21.com
4. Alexander Wang burgundy heels, $595, alexanderwang.com
5. Current/Elliot pastel jeans, $180, netaporter.com

P.S. Check out my dear friend and Lucky co-worker Elle Strauss, wearing a tasselicious Isabel Marant sweater this past week in London.

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