leather pocket dress

$320, gerenford.com

A few weeks ago I visited LA designer Geren Ford's new studio in Hollywood and came across this dress, hanging on one of the sample racks. I think I must have asked her five times, "When will this dress be available for purchase?" She replied (five times), "In the next week or so." Well, here it is, in all its zipped-up, leather-trimmed, color-blocked glory. Very psyched.
1. Geren Ford silk dress, $325, gerenford.com
2. Burberry Prorsum cashmere cardigan, $995, netaporter.com
3. Samudra pink coconut pouch, $60, shop.samudra11.com
4. Zara mesh booties*, $129, zara.com
* I just bought these shoes yesterday and they're ridiculously comfortable. They're perfect warm weather booties.

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Sandra Sanchez said...

Love those mesh booties! Would be perfect for my upcoming Vegas trip :)

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