j. crew fall 2012

Jenna Lyons adhered to her preppy-offbeat-colorful idiom with J. Crew's fall 2012 collection, presented yesterday in New York--and there's so much to love, from the spot-on styling to the vibrant prints to the fuchsia lipstick--and that fur coat! Here are my favorite looks. How I wish I could wear them now...


Natasha said...

That python pencil skirt!!! Thanks for the very exciting preview.
Loving your blog.

Amy said...

I found your blog via Tory Burch's site, and am really enjoying reading it!

Loved J Crew's Fall look - the color palette is, as usual, some kind of wonderful, and the pattern combination is really unique! I work in a creative agency, which allows us to wear anything we want, and this fall look really captures that same sort of spirit and creativity.

Thanks for posting pics of these looks! I'm pinning them!

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