the stylist's shoes

We shot Lucky's April cover over the weekend (I cannot disclose whom we shot yet!), and it was there and then that I decided I must own these Prada brogues. These shoes have been selling like hot cakes, since they came out last summer. Reportedly, Prada received only 68 pairs altogether in the US, and they sold out instantly. Wisely, Prada decided to make these shoes a carryover, which means the designer is going to keep producing them--and they'll never go on sale (they cost $950). At the cover shoot, both the New York-based stylist and her assistant were wearing them in brown (pictured above)--and I should add, in very different ways. The stylist--one of those inimitably stylish, totally ahead-of-the-curve women who just exudes uber coolness--wore her brogues with cropped khaki pants, grey socks, a perfectly worn-in denim blouse buttoned to the top with a teeny rhinestone choker, and a grey sweater. Very downtown tomboy chic. The assistant wore hers with a metallic Balenciaga mini skirt and a striped turtleneck. So cute. I see myself wearing them with jeans or cropped pants--and appreciating the extra edge they'd bring to any outfit. But I'll have to wait until a size 40 turns up somewhere in the US, because, as fate would have it, they're sold out. In the meantime, I might just buy this version from Topshop.


Blueprint4Style said...

Yikes~ I love cognac/whiskey but also love the green accent on the white pair. What's a girl to do?!

Marlien said...

Choices, choices! They're all good!

your twin sis said...

I tried the kalmo heavy lace up in black at topshop 2 weeks ago and they were so cool. Just wish they had a bigger size -- I'd wear them everyday.

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