mixing with old friends

Photo: Streetfsn
This picture reminds me of last night. Literally. I mixed prints and my outfit was sniffed out. It was a big night out for me: a mini high school reunion of sorts. Dinner with my four best high school friends visiting from New York. It had been over three years since our last get together, back east. So, the pressure was on: I needed to look good, without looking like I was trying too hard. I tried on multiple outfits: a simple Marni dress, an H&M black sweater with high-waisted Chloe pants, thinking basic is better (less room for error, less vulnerable to judgement, etc.). But then I settled on my J. Crew leopard print pants with a black and white striped sweater--an outfit I've worn several times over the last few months. The mixed prints are playful, but not over the top. And it's kind of statement-y, but still safe. Most importantly, I felt comfortable, not contrived. After a glass (or two) of wine, my friends and I were all smushed on one sofa at Soho House reminiscing about our days at school and Saturday evenings spent on the steps of the Met, hanging out with friends we knew from other Manhattan schools. My friend Jenny said to me, "You look exactly the same, Marlien." Of course, that was music to my ears. But then she added, "And mixing those two prints--leopard and stripes--is so you." It felt good to be surrounded by people who know me so well. And to know that not a lot has changed! 


Anonymous said...

Mix of prints can be so loud and gimmicky. Yours was just right. LOVE.

Splendid Little Thrills said...

You sat on the Met steps after school! So Gossip Girl. You're one lucky lady!

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