good jeans

I had the pleasure of working with co-founder and creative director  Katherine Power (pictured above) the other day. Every time I see her, whether it's at a press event or a glitzy LA cocktail party, she's always so put together, her outfit unfailingly spot-on and next season-looking in that knowing fashion editor way. But what's most interesting about my encounters with Katherine is that she always makes me want things I never knew I needed. The other day's outfit revealed to me that I need a mini Celine Shopper tote in black nonchalantly dangling from my shoulder as well as Jenni Kayne's black D'Orsay slippers on my feet (which are, tragically, already sold out). However, the centerpiece of Katherine's look was her pair of high-waisted faded blue jeans from The Row. She said she had washed them a few times to get the right fit and feel. They were slightly loose and tapered and perfectly cropped, so you can wear wear them with flats or heels. And the faded blue wash? Consider it a style omen in the current sea of pastel, waxed and print jeans. So, yes, I'll need those, too.

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