a bottle of red

Some things you look at and you just want them. I spotted this nail polish--Essie Fifth Avenue--on the lovely fingers of Desiree Kohan, proprietress of LA's preeminently cool boutique Des Kohan. Desiree possesses that rare ability to predict what we'll be wanting to wear a few months from now (among other things, she says, "Damir Doma's lace shorts and oversized Nancy Newberg stud earrings"). When I saw this bright but not too bright red polish on her, I decided I had to have this color on my nails too. Desiree assured me that the color looks good on every skin tone. She knows this because she has turned a lot of people on to it, as she's been wearing it for the last year. So, it's only a matter of time that Desiree will move on to something new. And when that happens, I know I will want to wear that color, whatever it is, too.

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