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twin time


It's been weeks since I've seen my twin sister, but yesterday I finally laid eyes on her and her new extra big, extra comfy Cos cardigan, above, that she recently scored in New York. Our catch-up unfolded as usual, sharing everything from excellent podcasts and new cookbooks (Vegan At Times!) to a shopping show-and-tell. She pulled out this new Zeus & Dion statement blouse (to make a splash in Zoom-ville), the most excellent vintage-looking J.Crew blazer, below, and these perfectly-cut Citizens of Humanity jeans, which I also bought. Now I'm set style-wise till the next time I see her!



super stud


le catch


Not that you need to see four (!) pictures of the same shoes--but you kind of do to thoroughly grasp how awesome they are--in myriad colors, no less! Though it seems wrong to buy sandals in the middle of January, it's actually wise because the best ones always sell out before spring arrives, and this Valentino pair, folks, may just be the best. Ultimately, I chose this go-with-everything color.



hailey's high-tops

le catch


Never mind Hailey Bieber's mega model looks or pop-star husband. For me, it's all about her talent for wearing men's sneakers and how she rocks them with everything from sleek leather trousers to cuffed jeans and trench coats. And makes them look feminine and chic. I'd like to kick-up my sneaker game with her go-to's from New Balance, above, and Nike (also these and these customizable ones), below.



hybrid class


Thank you, River Island, for this unique shirt-meets-turtleneck that yields a cool layered look (read: NOT your average throw-on-and-go knit) and costs under $100! It also comes in grey. I'll take both, please.

hawaii high


marlien rentmeester


If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have noticed that I've been in Hawaii a lot lately. It all started back in the fall of 2020, when my kids were Zoom-schooling in LA--i.e., firmly planted in their bedrooms doing everything from eating breakfast to sweating through PE to socializing with their friends. Right before Thanksgiving break, we decided to pack up our surfboards and bathing suits and remote-learn from the shores of Oahu instead. We planned to stay for three weeks but ended up there for a month and a half, splitting our time between Honolulu and the North Shore--and we could not have been happier and healthier. The kids woke up at 6AM and joined their classmates online at 6:20AM. They'd jump into the ocean during breaks and finish school by 1PM. Afterward, they'd body-surf Waimea, or skateboard around Kapiolani Park, or play volleyball, surf Kaisers, Pupukea and Velzyland. Some days they'd just make acai bowls in the back yard. Meanwhile, I reconnected with a longtime friend and former Conde Nast co-worker and spent days with her exploring private waterfalls, locals-only hiking trails, canoe-surfing, and boating. In short, it was a world away from pandemic-stricken LA. It was heaven--or at least the land of double rainbows, below. One that also inspired me to brainstorm more content sites like Le Catch with my friend. In fact, we are now vigorously working on a new site--hence my constant crisscrossing the Pacific this past year--and plan to unveil it in a few months, so stay tuned! While working--and, okay, playing--in Honolulu recently, I've made so many new friends, become well-versed in the best sunset-watching (Outrigger Canoe Club, La Mer) and vegan-dining spots (Beet Box), and I've learned how to make lei and wake surf on a tow-in surfboard off a Jet-Ski. I've even earned a Hawaiian moniker: Tia Malia! (Because I've been called both Malia and Tia in the line-up at Sandbar several times. LOL!) I also know the best place to stay in Honolulu: The Kaimana Beach Hotel (second and last pictures below). I now think of it as my home away from home, and my "ohana" there has even extended the code MARLIEN20 for my friends to receive 20% off full-priced room rates on all categories including suites (my favorite is Room 917 with view pictured below, followed by 910). Book now through March on Kaimana.com. Discount offer expires May 31. Here are some highlights from HI!



Above are my boys jumping into the ocean post-Zoom school on the North Shore, just outside Haleiwa. Below, I'm in the picturesque open-air lobby at The Kaimana Beach Hotel in Waikiki, where I tend to float around in dresses like this, this, this and this. I love the avocado toast and salads at the hotel's Hau Tree Restaurant.


marlien rentmeester


Check out my friend's backyard view in Lanikai, immediately below. An invite to her house always includes a paddle out to the mokes! On the North Shore, below, I stick to a strict bikini-and-cover-up dress code. Think casual and uncontrived like this, this, this and this (cute with a wrap skirt)! (FYI: My Hawaiian friends avoid beading, ruffles and OTT embellishments on their suits.) Simple rubber slippers, like these are a must!


marlien rentmeester

marlien rentmeester

bremen schmeltz

 Aloha! More highlights to come!

up to my neck

Right now I feel like I am winning the Covid lottery, being one of the seemingly few people in LA still virus-free. (Knock on wood!) Call me crazy, but wearing turtlenecks is one of my stay-healthy strategies. I pull it over my mask when I am at the market or other crowded spaces. I have no scientific evidence that this styling hack is actually doing the trick--but so far, so good! I'd like to keep it going with these striking options from Mango, ALC, Iris & Ink, and Acne Studios.

P.S. Meanwhile in NYC, Lauren Santo Domingo, below, is testing negative but staying positive in her  do-it-all Favorite Daughter pants. I love them too!


wallabee wannabe


Playing this crazy game of Covid Dodgeball requires run-for-your-life yet comfortable shoes, right? I'm kind of joking! But I kid you not about the comfortable/practical shoe part, which I have found new my pair of Wallabees, above and below! They're so easy and durable--and yet stealthily stylish, too as demonstrated by Allegra Lorenzotti, pictured, paired with Acne jeans and a vintage jacket and and designer Emily Orberg, bel0w. Stay healthy, people! 



floral arrangement


boden floral maxi dress
$190, boden

Seventy days till spring break--but who's counting? I can bust out this floral cotton dress today with boots and black turtleneck underneath.



1. Boden dress, $190, boden.com

2. Isabel Marant shearling vest, $695, netaporter.com

3. Gucci bag, $1700, gucci.com

4. Aeyde boots, $475, nordstrom.com

aspen style

banana republic jacquard cardigan
$190, banana republic


Looks like one of those decadent Ralph Lauren-in-Aspen cardigans--but for under $200!

1. Raey slip dress, $205, matchesfashion.com

2. Banana Republic cardigan, $190, bananarepublic.com

3. Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in , $38, bergdorfgoodman.com

4. Sarah Chloe stackable gold rings, $145, goop.com

5. Larroude boots, $375, shopbop.com

shirt story


It's always fun to see a friend in clothes they bought via Le Catch--and even more so when that friend is a powerhouse in the media industry! She texted me a pic of herself the other day in this H&M blouse that looked as Toteme-chic as I had promised! Inspired, I thought I'd recommend a few more goodies! Besides, we might really need them as Omicron is poised to plunge us back into Zoom meetings. Let's get through these crazy times with our shirts on--specifically the embellished pinstripe by Anthropologie, above, the cult white button-down by Hommegirls, Alex Mill's ruffle neck, the asymmetric Veronica Beard, and Banana Republic's  perfect Safari shirt. 

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