Tuesday, May 17

in black and white

My sister and I spent Sunday afternoon doing something we rarely ever do together these (work and kid-filled) days: simply relaxing and reading the newspaper. Like an old married couple, we shared article highlights with each other. Among the notable: fish have feelings (who knew?!); studies show that we're less busy than we think (i.e. we overestimate how much we actually work), and, according to the Wall Street Journal, not all white-t-shirts are created equal. As you might expect, it's this last headline on which I will now expound. While the Journal recommended a few white tees based on their "carefully finessed details," including this Frame Denim, and this ATM, I'd like to tout my current faves, replete with news-breaking accents such as this Pixie Market, this LNA, this Gap, this Edit and this Wilt. All fit to print!


Anonymous said...

So funny, I was out to lunch and overheard an older couple talking about the WSJ article. The husband said, "darling, I think you'd look great in some of those white shirts they recommended" and the wife said, "Thank you dear, I think I'm on the market for one now."

Courtney Daniels said...

That is so great, that exchange. And I particularly love this post about sisters hanging out together. Reminds me of my own sister and how comfortable we are together, too.

Cheryl said...

This post could not have come at a better time. Everlane JUST discontinued my all-time fav Ryan pocket tee! My world will never be the same again :(

Laura Bear said...

Love this! Just the thought of you and your sister makes me miss mine so badly.

I couldn't find the perfect cotton white t that was long but not a tunic, so I designed one. It's great!