Tuesday, January 19

sneaky chic

Mercury is in retrograde, which may explain why things have seemed exceptionally hectic (and haywire) lately! So I've taken to wearing running sneakers with everyday outfits to keep up! To be clear: these are not the fashionably bright, neon, statement-making sneakers of yore. Rather, they're practical, versatile, neutral-hued kicks that go from, yes, school runs to laps around the supermarket, and then, marathon-like, on to photo shoots. They do facilitate getting around faster and more comfortably, but I also love the casually stylish, throw-them-on-go look--and these pics demonstrate that I'm not the only one reaping these benefits right now! I like these double-duty sneakers from New Balance (pictured above), Nike (or these), and APL.


Pippa said...

Fur, jeans and trainers - the urban uniform. Love it!

Olivia DiTomaso said...

Love wearing sneakers for a casual, sporty vibe.



Anonymous said...

Both Nike links go to the same shoe!

sscipioni said...

What jeans are those on the right (top photo)? Thanks!