Tuesday, June 10

frayed jeans

I really love the look of frayed-hem jeans but fear cutting a pair that I own to achieve this look--you, know, the whole D.I.Y. aspect. I just know I'd botch it! Thankfully, a slew of ready-raw-edged jeans are trickling into the market. They look messy on purpose but somehow also "done." Among the best: this light wash, straight leg Frame, this bleached, skinny Mother, this white boyfriend Madewell, this high-waisted Topshop, and this distressed  J. Brand.

Photos: Style, Pinterest, Man Repeller


Anonymous said...

Any idea who makes the jeans in the last pic?

Jessica said...

Love the first pic...they look like cut offs from old flares, its a great update!
Miss Moore Style

Helen said...

i have the frame ones and LOVE THEM!

LP said...

Gorgeous, it looks like super spikes are obligatory.

Ago Prime said...

cute shoes!

Maria said...

What you can do is cut and save the original hem, so that original finishing can be preserved (only length and colouring is compromised).
Probably you'll need a sewing professional to recover the hem.