Tuesday, May 27

lacy tee

$76, topshop

I'd like to swap out my white summer tee for something just as easy but much more elegant. Something exactly like this.

1. Topshop organza lace top, $76, topshop.com
2. Chanel vintage ring, $988, shopbop.com
3. Asos woven clutch, $53, asos.com
4. Dune sandals, $99, piperlime.com
5. Toga embellished skirt, $603, netaporter.com (40% off)** 

**Net-A-Porter's big sale started this morning. I am reviewing it now and will publish my favorites shortly, so check back in a bit if you would like to see them!

1 comment:

glitterwriter1 said...

What a gorgeous combination. I'd never think to wear a lace top with an embellished black skirt, balanced nicely with silver heels. I'm a big fan of you blog - you have terrific ideas.

MaryJane :)