Tuesday, October 8

chain reaction

$138, all saints

This is a seriously cute fix for those challenging run-out-the-door days. BTW: how good is that chain-link detailing?

1. All Saints chain-link tank top, $175, allsaints.com
2. M Missoni tweed jacket, $1095, netaporter.com
3. Topshop bracelet, $60, topshop.com
4. Madewell satchel, $168, madewell.com
5. Vince calf-hair flats, $295, shopbop.com
6. Stella McCartney twill pants, $620, netaporter.com


Bridget said...

I'm going to give the T-shirt a try. With free returns there's no risk! Thanks for the cute throw-on idea.

Angie said...

REALLY chic oufit. Especially love that chain link tee and flats.

Anonymous said...

This is a great throw-on piece. I am getting it. BTW, the link forwards you to another item. I managed to find it:) Thanks!

Marlien Rentmeester said...

Fixed the link! Thanks for the heads-up. Glad you agree it's a goodie!