Wednesday, July 10

swing sweater

$88, j.crew

This simple utilitarian swing-cut sweater is poised to become integral to my everyday running-around-doing-a-million-things wardrobe. It's sooo good, and it comes in blue too!

1. J.Crew lightweight swing sweater, $88,
2. Ray Ban mirrored aviator sunglasses, $160,
3. Dannijo bracelet, $150,
4. Shashi crystal bracelet, $80,
5. Topshop bowler bag, $70,
6. Prada metallic flats, $650,
7. Tory Burch print pants, $250,


monica coakley said...

The sweater also comes in coral (in-store)!

Anonymous said...

i just bought the sweater in blue (and a few other things while i was online)! J. Crew should pay you!