Tuesday, June 25

now and laters

$183*, shopbop
There are so many things going for this Rebecca Minkoff shoe: its now-and-later (post-summer!) wearability,  its walk-to-work-friendly block heel and about-to-big mule-like silhouette (yes, mules are coming back in!). What's more, it's on sale* (48% off) through Thursday.

1. Proenza Schouler dress (40% off), $1170, netaporter.com
2. Warby Parker sunglasses, $95, warbyparker.com
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet, $74, shopbop.com
4. Joli clutch, $35, shoplatitude.com
5. Rebecca Minkoff heels, $183*, shopbop.com

*Get this price (and an additional 25% off all other sale items at Shopbop) by typing in EXTRA25 at checkout through Thursday 6/27.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oh my goodness...those shoes are too insanely high for me. but that dress! gorgeous! I wish I could afford it!

lizzie from the air... said...

Baby, if those are walking shoes for you, bless your sturdy feet! Thre's no way I could walk a block on those enormous heels!!! Lovely! But only to walk from the car to the front door and to the table.