Thursday, March 28

spring break-bound

$59, mango
I got one thing on my mind: vacation. All I want to do is find a chaise lounge and read US (I can see my husband rolling his eyes now!) magazine. Please come find me languishing in this cute dress and bring me a mojito while you're at it...

1. Mango embroidered dress, $59,
2. Asos sunglasses, $19,
3. J.Crew bikini top, $52,, J.Crew bottom, $48,
4. Mar y Sol raffia tote bag, $110,
5. Rebecca Minkoff metallic sandals, $165,


Rachelle said...

Love that dress, perfect for Summer.

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Azra said...

What a cute outfit.
Love everything.

Perpetuity said...

Super cute! Id love to see that dress on.

Nora said...

Perfect ensemble!