Thursday, March 21

simply good

This picture is not of me, but it could have been not too long ago. That's because it brings to mind a simpler time when, if not in the ocean myself, I would kick it on the beach (or in the car if it was cold, think late fall in Montauk) while my future husband caught a few waves. Of course, then we got married, had kids and the simpler time became less simple. The next time I do this routine (think Mexico while the kids are home with their grandparents), I'd like to be doing it in a cute, vintage-y, Malibu-ish beach-to-bar top just like the one pictured. Something exactly like this.

Photo: Pinterest


bluehydrangea said...

love this look..perfect!!! Now if the weather wold just cooperate.

Nat at Made in Home said...

Love the look! Brightens the dull and snowy (really!) Lonodn sky