Monday, January 28

lost & found

$130, shopbop
The debut of this excellent spring-y dress marks the end of a several-month-long wild-goose chase. Ever since I came across this picture, I've been searching high and low for something similar--and here it is! (Update: if it's sold out at Shopbop, try here too as they may restock.)

1. Club Monaco leather-pocket striped dress, $130,
2. C.Wonder pave heart stud earrings, $28,
3. Topshop parka, $120,
4. Melie Bianco satchel, $65,
5. Charlotte Olympia leopard print loafers, $825,


Nat at Made in Home said...

Did you get to make one in the end?

Linda ~ a fashionable life for me said...

Wow I love it, actually I need that dress....very versatile. *sigh* so broke unfortunately. love the idea of the leather pockets am thinking now of a DIY!

Marlien Rentmeester said...

No, I did not make one, sadly.