Wednesday, November 7

ring my bell

$110, topshop

The bell sleeves on this sweater make it as elegant and feminine as a blouse (it reminds me of a Chloe sweater I once borrowed from a friend and begrudgingly returned!), but the cozy ribbed knit means it's deep-freeze wearable.

1. Topshop wool sweater, $110, 
2. Adia Kibur antique pendant necklace, $30, 
3. J. Crew coat, $325,
4. Anthropologie beaded clutch, $68,
5. Valentino studded pumps, $945,
6. Current Elliot leather jeans, $900,


PatriciaBrand said...

Super!!!I love it!!!

MunA said...

love your selection so chic and rich of attitude! baci dall'Italia