Tuesday, November 20

my reach

mango, $129

On those mornings when I have less than five minutes to get dressed, I always reach for an outfit-making piece that doesn't need much else, apart from a simple pair of pants and a top. This leather-trimmed, fringed (love!) boucle statement jacket (on sale through November 21!) fits the bill--and then some.

1. Kain t-shirt $90, netaporter.com
2. Mango fringe boucle jacket $129, mango.com
3. Jerome Dreyfuss bag $730, forwardbyelysewalker.com
4. Matt Bernson wedge boots $245, shopbop.com
5. J. Crew black jeans*  $125, jcrew.com

*I've been wearing these jeans like crazy. They're super flattering, amazingly comfortable, and perfectly cropped.  


pinkmombluemom said...

Love this blog! Stumbled on you through Daily Candy! Just what I need as a new mom! A good resource for new clothes!!! Woohoo!

trish said...

so funny your blog was mentioned in an email I get...love it & remember you & your twin from days at laronde!

Marlien Rentmeester said...

those were the days! still love my WHB and glad it survived sandy. hope to see you out there soon!