Thursday, April 2

on point

While lately I've been all about wide leg jeans (this pair in particular), relishing their virtues (long, lean silhouette! vintage-y detailing but right now looking!), I haven't completely given up on straight-cut jeans, and if I had my druthers, I'd have this Point Sur pair in my denim arsenal. That's because they possess the same qualities I love about wide leg jeans: a flattering high waist, standout pockets and buttons, and an everyday-cool sensibility. LOVE!


Wishes & Reality said...

Love the wash and rise on these!


Rhona Marr said...

Thanks for the tip. Just bought them!

jennifer sattler said...

Love them!

Msharny said...

Where can i find the pictured jeans?
Can you tell me the style name?
Thank you!