Tuesday, July 29

never enough

$50, j.crew*

Striped tee perfection, complete with standout gold shoulder zippers.

1. J.Crew striped top, $50, jcrew.com
2. Ray Ban sunglasses, $160, netaporter.com
3. Bauble Bar cord bracelet, $26, baublebar.com
4. Louis Vuitton bag, $1375, shopbop.com
5. Alvaro crocodile sandals, $1030, netaporter.com
6. Tamara Mellon suede fringe skirt, $695, netaporter.com

P.S. This cute J.Crew top is available in four other colors at J.Crew but already backordered as they are much desired! Estimated ship date is August 12. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way! Every time I pick up a nautical striped shirt, I think "really Amy, another striped tee??'" And the answer is always a resounding "yes!"
I agree whole heartedly....never enough!