Tuesday, September 11

all-around mvp

michael kors cardigan sweater
$150, netaporter.com

For me, one of the ironies of working at the Conde Nast building in New York was that I would take great pains to get DRESSED every morning and then inevitably I would have to throw a cardigan or even a coat on over my outfit while sitting in my frigid air-conditioned office. If only I had owned this cardigan by Michael Kors. It will work so well as a go-to, throw-it-on-over-everything-and still-look-DRESSED cardigan. 

1. J. Crew gingham blouse, $75, jcrew.com 
2. Michael Michael Kors cardigan, $150, netaporter.com 
3. Pauric by Pauric Sweeney Rio bag, $672, asos.com 
4. Elizabeth & James pumps, $325, shopbop.com 
5. Warehouse print pants, $75, warehouse.andotherbrands.com


rita TOMORROWtoday said...

ah! sold out. such a perfect cardigan!

Angeline said...

Love a good cardigan!

special zebra said...

that sounds like my life. as you know, its ridiculously hot in so cal..but my office is an ice box.